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Offered Activities as you like!

Owned, built, and managed by veterans this idyllic Maine woods campsite was built as a respite for veterans and their loved ones; a safe place to  commune with nature, bond with friends and family, and repair.

Weekend camp sessions are free for all our nation's heroes.  Most pets are welcome.  No weapons allowed on grounds.

Friday afternoon check-in at the Red Barn 2-4:00pm.

  • Main Office

  • Bathroom and shower facilities

  • Private Therapy Office

  • Receive weekend schedule and rules

  • Firewood and cooking supplies

  • Tent and set-up supplies

Set up camp at your assigned platform: 1 of 6 sites.

  • Each site is equipped with a grill and fire circle.

  • Please notify the Main Office/Red Barn of any special needs or arrangements before arriving at camp.

  • Parking is provided across the street from the camp site

Nightly Bond-fires - Friday and Saturday

  • Talking stick will be passed for sharing stories

  • S'Mores

  • Mandatory attendance

Saturday activities - some activities must

be scheduled prior to arrival (see Activity Sign-Up Form)

  • Boating on Great Pond

  • Fishing from the dock of Great Pond

  • Hikes through the woods

  • Golfing at Belgrade Lakes Golf Course

  • White Water Rafting 

  • Scheduled Therapy Sessions